The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 4


It has been a while since Session 4 took place, my memory is a little fuzzy. If you see anything missing or incorrect, I invite you to edit it to correction!!

  • The golden doors slide open, and the band enters a room containing the schema. Upon examination, the party determines that the schema is 1 piece of 5 giving instructions on how to create the brains of warforged. They scavenge some other items from the room, including a deed to the foundry, stating that whoever holds the deed owns the place.
  • Satisfied, the adventurers start to leave the foundry, but upon exiting the office into the hallway they are ambushed by the warforged from before and another warforged, larger and with some sweet duds and weapons, assumed to be the former warforged’s superior.
  • The two warforged demand the adventurers give them the schema, for it does not belong to the flesh races and because Static is thought of as traitorous to the cause for teaming with “fleshies.” The band tries to reason with the warforged, Kobin and Evellis saying they sympathize with the warforged cause, but they need the schema for their own benefit. They offer to share and care, but the two warforged do not care about their entire existence being used for personal gain. Battle commences.
  • Evellis sends her new ice construct-hound friend to attack “Pinky” (because they were a pink bottle cap, I don’t remember their name), and Kobin goes to attack the leader. Evellis stays back, only being able to use long-range attacks, and Static uses an infusion on themselves an goes into a Rage. The Ice Hound uses an icy attack against Pinky that will not take effect until a few more rounds. Static runs and attacks Pinky, slicing their head off, and it falls and shatters into ice shards.
  • Kobin is combating the leader, who is enraged by his friend’s death. The hound goes to attack the leader and Static follows, moving around and flanking the warforged. The three attack the leader until the enemy warforged falls to the ground, deactivated but not killed. The party discusses if they should leave the leader there, kill them, relocate them, or interrogate them. Eventually they decide to take the kick ass weapons and sick threads the unconscious warforged has, tie them up to the work table by the forge, and heal them enough to interrogate them. One of these sweet weapons includes a black sword that, when unsheathed, caws like a crow, and it is super cool, and it is not destined to be kept.
  • After the leader is tied, Static infuses “Repair Light Damage” into them, and the leader regains consciousness. They struggle against their bonds before realizing the adventurers standing around and watching them, and then they become still. The leader says that they are at the band’s mercy, but the adventurers continue to sympathize with the warforgeds’ cause. Evellis tells them that she likes the Lord of Blades and what they stand for, and the leader warforged seems to respect this.
  • The leader says that if the party really cared, they would give them the schema, but the adventurers say they cannot for their own reasons. The warforged then says that if they do not retrieve the schema, they will be better off dead, and that the band should kill them. The party decides that they can copy the schema onto some parchment for the warforged, and the leader agrees to this, but says that they will need something to fend for themselves and some money whenever they leave the foundry. After copying down the schema for the warforged and for themselves, the group unties the warforged, gives up the kick-ass crow sword, and hands them the schema. The leader warforged runs out, and the band does not see them again.
  • They retreat back to The Pussy Cat Inn to rest. After, Kobin goes to shop for new garments, Evellis studies the schema and then goes to meet with her mentor, and Static, now possessing the deed to the Cannith foundry, returns there to craft scrolls.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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