The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 6

Delving Further Into the Mystery...

The details in this post are lacking because I can’t remember them, so if anyone has any information they can add please do so!! I would appreciate it!! Also, I don’t have a good memory of what the other characters were doing at times, so Static’s actions and attacks will tend to be clearer and will show up more.

  • The adventurers say hello to Niles, and then they are brought to the bodies. The eight warforged bodies lay on the ground in a windowless room, covered in sheets. The group inspects the eighth body first, but there is not much missing from it’s body as the murderer was scared off before they could take anything. As they inspect the rest of the bodies, the adventurers find that different parts of them have been expertly removed, obviously by someone who knows how warforged work. Most of their cavities have been ripped open, and there is dust left from the crystals inside that disintegrated once they were removed.
  • On inspecting one body, they find clenched in its hand part of a gold chain, presumably grabbed from the attacker. When the ten minutes are up, the group leaves the Forgehome with Niles, who talks a lot about what he has been studying in Cannith. The group is headed for the Tain Foundry because all of the warforged bodies were found outside of the facility. At one point Evellis asks Niles a question about what he thinks about warforged, and Niles replies that they are very useful, and looks at Static and says they are “good little pups.” Evellis then tells Niles to go fuck himself, and he says that he understands that some people are more confrontational than others.
  • When the band plus Niles arrives at the Tain Foundry gates, the guards try to joke with them, but the group responds rather coldly. Evellis says they are here to see the boss of the foundry, and the guards joke and bring someone to lead them to their boss. On the way there, the band sees a scrawny warforged being held down and beaten by a dwarf. Kobin becomes angry and charges the dwarf, knocking him over, and then helps up the warforged. The dwarf is furious, and Kobin and Evellis confront him about why he was hitting the warforged, figuring out that the dwarf is the boss of the foundry. The group threatens that they have connections in high places that would not be pleased with hearing of his treatment of his warforged workers, and at first he seems to not care, but then reconsiders that it would not benefit him to make powerful enemies. Evellis tells the dwarf that they wish to talk with him in private, and the dwarf agrees to talk with her, Static and Niles, but not Kobin. Kobin says he would rather not talk to him either, and leaves to wait outside the gates.
  • Evellis, Static and Niles follow the dwarf into his office, and begin asking him about the warforged murders. The dwarf says that he has no use in murdering warforged, mainly because they are good workers and cheap, but he isn’t worried about it because none of his workers have been killed. He attributes it to a gold bracelet he is wearing that has a hammer on it, which he found on one of the warforged bodies. He says that ever since he found the charm, there has been no harm to the warforged that work in his facility. He is slightly defensive the entire time, and continues to say that he has no hand in the death of the warforged, and repeatedly claims that it is the ghost the Jack of Irons.
  • The group realizes they won’t get much more out of him, and ask to see the rooms the warforged stay in downstairs. The dwarf says he doesn’t really care, and the group leaves him with a cold goodbye. They descend to the living quarters of the warforged, and when they arrive they find a long hallway with doors into small closet-sized room big enough for a warforged to stand in in the dark. A warforged is leaving while another warforged is entering, and they recognize the warforged entering the hallway as one they saw at The Red Hammer, a warforged who was buried alive for experimentation and lost it’s mind.
  • The band decides to talk with the warforged who is leaving the facility. It is leaving the foundry to get to its job above ground, building a wall for an old woman, but agrees to talk with them on the way there. As they walk up the steps they ask the warforged what it knows about the murders and if it knew any of the victims. It says that the murderer was the Jack of Irons, but it didn’t know any of the warforged because lots of forged come and go. The group reaches outside the gates of the foundry, collecting Kobin, and then they continue to follow the warforged and ask it questions.
  • Static asks if it is scared of being harmed, and the warforged replies that it would be stupid not to be, especially what with all of the warforged hate spreading around. Evellis asks why it needs to go to this second job, and the warforged replies that it needs money for repairs, and, well, you know what they say, a good project keeps the madness away. Eventually the warforged and the band have to split ways, and the adventurers head towards the Pussycat Inn. Evellis decides to go see Lady Elaydrin d’Vown, though, to ask her a favor, but Niles says that he would rather she not because he needs them all to stick together in case they get up to any funny business. Kobin distracts Niles, asking him about his work and his life, and Evellis slips away towards the Broken Anvil Inn.
  • Evellis reaches the Broken Anvil, but when she tries to go to the Lady’s room there is a golem sitting in front of it. Unsure of how to gain entrance or knock, she asks the bartender for help, and the bartender happily obliges, saying that the golem freaks her out. Evellis gains entrance, and the Lady is surprised, saying she didn’t expect to see Evellis back so soon. Evellis is cold towards her, and says that she has come to turn in her favor. The Lady says she will try to do anything in her power, but only one thing. Evellis explains the warforged murders in Blackbones, and how she needs some sort of more official entry into the Cannith Forgehome, and the Lady says that she can give Evellis a temporary pass into the Forgehome, or an actual pass inside, but it would take a few weeks.
  • Meanwhile, Kobin, Static and Niles are headed towards the Pussycat Inn, and Niles is telling Kobin all about his studies and how lonely his work has been and how much he wants to get out and see the world. Eventually Niles realizes that Evellis isn’t with them any more, but Kobin asks him another question and he soon forgets it. The group begins to enter a small tunnel, but as soon as they enter they hear a “twang” and Niles is shot with a crossbow through the chest.
  • Three halflings appear, one behind the group, and two from the sides of the tunnel. Kobin tries to attack one in the tunnel, but he misses, and the other in the tunnel tries to tumble through the adventurers outside. Static attacks him, ferociously biting his shoulder, and he loses consciousness. The halfling behind the group is attacked by Niles and dies, and the halfling left in the cave drinks a potion that makes him invisible. Niles casts a glitter spell to coat the halfling so they can see him, and it works, but he is running away. Kobin tries to attack him but misses, and Niles tries to attack him but the attack fails. The halfling escapes.
  • The halfling that was bitten is lying on the ground unconscious, so Kobin ties him up and revives him a little so they can interrogate him. When the halfling wakes up he begins screaming about how Static bit him, and that it is a monster. Kobin threatens the man that is he keeps that up Static will finish him, so he better answer their questions. Kobin asks the halfling who sent him, but the man keeps repeating that he has his profession as an assassin, they have their profession doing whatever they do, so they should just let him be and let him go because he doesn’t want to ruin any careers. Kobin threatens to kill him, but the halfling assassin refuses to give any information, so Static readies itself to attack him again. At this, the halfling screams that he will talk, and answers Kobin’s question, saying that he was sent by the dwarf who runs the Tain Foundry and to please let him go. They untie him, and he runs down the street, screaming for help and that he’s been attacked.
  • Evellis has reached a decision with the Lady, and asks for a permanent pass into Cannith facilities. The Lady says she will get it to her as soon as she can, and that she will leave Sharn in the morning to speed up the process. Evellis thanks the Lady and takes her leave.
  • Niles, Kobin and Static resume their trek to the Pussycat Inn to heal themselves and remove the arrow stuck in Niles’s shoulder.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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