The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 5

Quest 2 Begins!!

This session’s description may not be entirely accurate because it has been a couple weeks. If you see any possible corrections, I invite you to make them!
Also I’m switching using “they” for Warforged to “it” because “it” is less confusing.

  • After the Band is done resting, they return to the Broken Anvil Inn where the Lady Elaydrin d’Vown is staying. Evellis gives her the schema, and the Lady promises Evellis one favor. Evellis suggests they become nemeses, but Elaydrin does not entirely seem interested, so the Band takes their leave.
  • As they walk through town they come across a large group of people listening to a speaker yelling about destroying Warforged. He is saying that the Warforged destroyed their homes and families in the Last War, and now they are taking jobs that rightfully belong to the people of the city. He goes on about the king of Breland and his foolish ways, and says that all the Warforged are good for is bloodshed. The speaker wants Warforged melted down and used for their parts. The crowd cheers him on and agrees, and an older woman says to Evellis that she and Kobin should really think about melting down “their Warforged,” Static, for the good of the community. Evellis and Kobin talk a little about murdering the speaker, but Static dissuades them due to the large amount of supporters around. They quickly return the way they came, headed back to the Pussy Cat Inn.
  • Upon returning, the barkeeper gives Static a note that it’s friend left for it. The note is from Static’s friend Ash, who is the only other survivor in Static’s fighting group when they were low-level grunts in the Last War. In the note, Ash wants Static to visit it in the Cogs at a Warforged social club called The Red Hammer, and talks about the recent Warforged murders in the Cogs. Static decides it hasn’t seen Ash in a while and is concerned about the murders, so the entire band decides to go to the Blackbones District of the Cogs to investigate.
  • The group travels down to Blackbones, and they stop to talk to a Warforged replacing Eternal Burning Torches on the streets who complains about it’s job. Kobin gives it some money, and the Band gets instructions from it on how to get to The Red Hammer.
  • The adventurers enter The Red Hammer to see many Warforged standing in groups of six, as is customary to their fighting units during the war. They are having various conversations about their lives, and seem to be trying to imitate flesh-folk in their customs of socializing and being at leisure. There is no furniture except for the few tables that the groups of Warforged stand around as the socialize.
  • Static see’s Ash waving to them at the back of the room. They go over to it, and Ash embraces Static because some Warforged are trying to be more person-like by hugging. Ash hugs both Evellis and Kobin too, saying, “We’re huggers around here.”
  • Static asks Ash about how life has been and about the murders, and it says that someone has been murdering Warforged, but there are lots of rumors going around that the killer is the ghost The Jack of Irons. Ash says that 9 Warforged have been killed, but no one has seen the killer, though another Warforged across the room, Dandy, found the body of the most recent victim. Ash says it knows where the bodies were found, and the band asks it to draw each place on a map of the Blackbones district so they can see if they were all in a certain location. Ash, not having thought of that itself, remarks that Static was always the thinker in their group, and begins to mark places on the map.
  • The adventurers go to find Dandy, who they see is a carefully kept Warforged who has kept it’s crest of what house it belonged to. They begin to question Dandy about what it saw when it found the body, and it says that it stumbled upon the body. Dandy talks about seeing the insides of forged and how it hasn’t seem them in so long, that it almost forgot what they looked like, and how that was sobering and brought back bad memories from the war. The Warforged standing with them ask Dandy if it saw the murderer or not, and Dandy ashamedly says it didn’t. The band apologizes that Dandy had to see that, and Dandy says that it had hoped to put all of the violence behind it and forget about it, but it guesses not.
  • The band promises Dandy that they will catch whoever or whatever is killing Warforged. Dandy thanks them, and another forged snidely comments on Static hanging with fleshfolk. Static says that it trusts them, and Evellis and Kobin say that they like Warforged and support the Lord of Blades. Ash runs over and excitedly tells them that it seem all of the murders occurred around the Tain Foundry, and gives them the map. They thank Ash, and are told that the bodies are being kept at House Cannith’s Blackbones Forgehome. The band decides to see if they can get in, and leave, promising the Warforged that they will find the murderer. Dandy says that it guesses they need something to keep them occupied, and “You know what they say: a good project keeps the madness away.”
  • The band goes to the Forgehome, entering the lobby. There is a lone secretary in the room who asks if she can help the adventurers, and Evellis decides they will have to use trickery to get inside. She tells the poor secretary that she has been sent by a powerful member of House Cannith to inspect the Warforged bodies, and threatens that if she and her friends are not allowed entrance the secretary may be in trouble. The secretary, Moira, asks who this member is, and Evellis tells her that it is the Lady Elaydrin d’Vown, but Moira does not recognize the name. This is because House Cannith has been divided in Sharn, and the Lady Elaydrin d’Vown is in House Cannith North while those in House Cannith’s Blackbones Forgehome belong to House Cannith South [I think].
  • Moira says she is unsure if she should let them in without the approval of her boss, and says that he will be back shortly if the group would like to wait. Evellis tells Moira that they are in a great hurry and they need to see the bodies now, trying to convince Moira to allow them entrance anyways, but Moira only offers to call him so he can get there sooner to let them in because it does sound like Evellis is very important, but Moira cannot let them in herself. She would get such a reaming.
  • Evellis tells Moira that she and her band are going to go talk in a corner, and Moira says that there are lots of nice corners, and maybe they’d like the one with the plant. The group huddles to figure out how to get past, worried that the door will pose a problem due to some type of enchantment or secret locking mechanism. They go through their spells to see if anything will help them disable Moira or break through the door, and decide Evellis should use a sleeping spell. [“Uhh, hold on, I have to create stats for her….”] Evellis pulls out her lute to cast a sleeping enchantment on Moira, but Moira remains unaffected and only exclaims, “Oh, that’s a pretty song!” Evellis begrudgingly agrees.
  • The group goes back into their corner to huddle with the plant, and they decide to try and find ways to make Moira leave her station. Kobin decides to try and flirt with her, asking for a cup of coffee, and Moira tells him that while getting coffee isn’t her job because she must stay at the front desk in case someone tries to run in, they don’t have coffee in the first place.
  • At this point, Evellis decides to tell Moira that she and her group are door inspectors, and they have actually been sent to inspect the doors of the House’s facility, especially the door behind Moira leading out of the lobby. Evellis asks if there is anything special about this door, or anything that she should know about it, and Moira says that there is not anything really special about it, that it swings inward and outward, and it is just a basic door leading to the rest of the facility. Moira offers to let them have a closer look and open and close it for them a few times, and the group follows her to stand in the hallway past the door as Moira tells them about the door, opening and closing it.
  • Kobin begins to sneak down the hallway when an older man walks around the corner and demands to know what he is doing, and Kobin tells him that he is a monk sent to bless the bodies, and that he is very important and his church requires it, but the man does not believe him and becomes angrier, so Kobin thinks briefly about attacking him. [“Aghhh, I don’t have stats for him either!”] At this point Moira says to Evellis and Static that she is done showing them the door, and they really shouldn’t be back here because she would get such a wringing. Evellis and Static completely understand, but tell her that it seems their friend wandered off and is talking with another member of the House, so they will go collect him now.
  • The man is furious with Kobin, and when the other two band members leave Moira and join them Evellis claims that Kobin is actually mentally disturbed, and to please forgive him if he has been causing any trouble. Evellis then tells the man that she and her friends want to see the Warforged bodies, and that in exchange she will give him some important information regarding their rival House Cannith North. The man is intrigued, and after some convincing decides that the information could be very important. He tells Moira that she is in so much trouble for letting the travelers in the back, and that she is going to get such a reaming when he’s done with them.
  • The man tells them that he holds a higher rank in the House, and takes them into his office. He brings in a smaller man and introduces him as Niles d’Cannith, telling the adventurers that Niles will accompany them until they find the murder and solve the case. He says that the group will have ten minutes with the bodies, and that Niles will be with them during it and at all times afterwards. Niles is a level 4 wizard, kind of dorky, and has been pretty secluded during his time with House Cannith. The players decide to stop here and pick it up another time.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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