The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 1

Our Adventure Begins

Our heroes have been hanging out at the Pussy Cat Inn after Kobin and Evellis saved Static from an attack from the Blood Claw goblins.

  • Evellis had a job for the party: Meet with Provost Bonal Geldem of Morgrave University and get information from him to pass along to a client in House Cannith North.
  • When on the way to the Provost’s office, the party saw the provost was killed by a Warforged assassin with Karrnathi markings. The mysterious Warforged asked Static to join them before Static hit off its head with a powerful warhammer attack: “THIS IS MY BAND!”
  • Sgt. Dolom, inquisitor of the Sharn City Watch, hired the band to investigate who killed the provost.
  • The heroes found a mysterious journal on the body of the the provost and found that it was empty but had a pre-Galifarian crest of House Cannith from before the War of the Mark.
  • The next morning cool Evellis met with their client in the Broken Anvil Inn: the even cooler Lady Elaydrin d’Vown of Cannith North. She hired the band of heroes to recover a lost schema from a pre-Galifarian Cannith foundry.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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