Manso de Cannith

Pre-Galifarian artificer of House Cannith.


Manso de Cannith was a pre-Galifarian artificer of House Cannith whose journal was passed to our band by our contact in House Cannith North. His journal reveals that, at the time of his journaling, he was Chief Artificer at the Dara Sharn Research Facility (foundry) in Sharn. He was clearly tasked by his House with the creation of early constructs. He expresses frustrations with the gnomes for not sharing their knowledge regarding elemental binding. He feels that House Cannith now has no choice but to unlock the secrets of element-binding themselves. He has some rudimentary sketches of bound Meffitts which suggests that this attempt at cracking elemental binding is not going well.
p. A consistent theme in Manso’s journal is his contentious relationship with his assistant, Woosley. Under increasing pressure from House Cannith to complete the creation of new constructs, Woosley is a proponent of creating an artificial soul. Manso is very uncomfortable with this approach, as he views it as being too close to necromancy. I get the impression from the journal that this tension grows with time.


Manso de Cannith

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