The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 3

Behind The Door

  • After some fiddling around with the door, the band holds the pre-Galifarian House Cannith journal up to it and it slides open. The adventurers peer into the dark of the entrance, casting light spells onto a few food items to throw in and try to see what lies inside. They see a walking chest that sweeps up their glowing sandwich, and a constructed hound that tears apart the lit-up apple. Three pairs of eyes stare at them through the dark, one pair green, one pair red, and one pair blue.
  • Static walks in through the entrance, causing motion sensor lights to switch on, and three construct hounds encircle them. The constructs attack, and Static receives the brunt of the damage for charging in, and falls down unconscious. Evellis fights off the hounds as best she can, but is left badly wounded, and Kobin does what he can from the back of the party.
  • In desperation Evellis pulls out the journal, and the hounds immediately recognize Evellis as a member of the House. In the meantime, Static has used an item to heal them slightly when they fall unconscious, and now lies awake on the ground with one hound standing on them. Kobin defeats the other two hounds, and Static throws the third off of them and to the floor. Kobin deals the final blow, and all of the hounds are defeated. They heal, and then begin exploring.
  • They first enter a pair of sliding wooden and steel doors to find three bunk-beds with chests in front of them. The band searches the chests to find some clothing, a charm, a toolkit, a wand, bits of wire, parchment, and an eternal torch (maybe some other things too). Satisfied, they leave and look at the forge. Around the pit, there are chalkboards with writing on constructs and the goals of the foundry.
  • Next the band enters a room without a door, all of the wood having rotted long ago, and then swept up by the walking chest. There is a desk inside that holds a “blank” personal journal, belonging to the same person who wrote the journal Evellis holds. There is also some parchment and a wand. Static, trying to appraise the wand, instead sets it off, and casts Mirror on himself. Multiple Statics appear around the room, and the other members move on to explore beyond the door at the other side of the room.
  • In the next room the adventurers find a library, noticing some empty shelves and books strewn about. At the back of the room is a golden door with three indents of a triangle, a square, and a hexagon. The band goes back into the room with the desk and finds a stick with a triangle end. Returning to the forge, they see a stick with a hexagonal end inside the pit. They retrieve it, and then decide to go down a hallway to see if they can find the last object.
  • Down the hallway, they find three workshops. They inspect the one at the far end first, seeing a black acidic ooze covering the table and jars full of mold. Static and Evellis walk in first, and the black ooze reaches out and tries to grab Evellis. Inside of the black ooze they see human bones, and decide to check the rest of the workshops out instead of dealing with whatever this dark magic thing is.
  • They move to the second workshop cubicle, but the ooze begins to follow them, sliding off the table. In this workshop, they find three wands and a charm, but in the interest of ooze-time they do not appraise them and instead move on to the first workshop. It is covered in broken glass, and when they look up they can see that the glass came from what looks to be an aquatic tank that was installed in the ceiling. The tank has been shattered, and there is evidence of elemental damage done to the workshop. There is also another construct hound, but it is inanimate, and the front part of its head is pulled open with nothing inside. Orbs of various colors holding mephets(???) inside lay behind it on the table.
  • At this point, the ooze has gotten closer, and the party finds they cannot ignore it any longer. Evellis gets an idea, and decides to activate the hound, choosing a light blue mephet(?). She inserts the orb into the slot in the hounds head and snaps it shut. The hound boots up, and she orders the hound to protect her and her friends. The hound shoots ice at the ooze, and Evellis shoots arrows at it. Static goes to stand beside Kobin, and Kobin uses his quarter staff to attack the ooze. They defeat it, and as it disappears it leaves behind bones and the stick with the square end.
  • They grab the stick and return to the door. Kobin places the sticks in starting with the least sides to the most, and the party is not electrocuted for the wrong insertions. The players decide to explore the room behind the golden door next time.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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