The Band of the Pea Green Boat

Session 2

Continuing Our Quest

  • After the cool dismissal from Lady Elaydrin d’Vown of Cannith North, the band goes back to the Pussy Cat Inn to rest before their adventure. Kobin meditates, Evellis studies the journal, now full of writing thanks to the Lady, and Static crafts some scrolls.
  • They rest for an hour, and then the band heads out to start their adventure. A map points them to the sewers located underneath the Rat’s Market, but they are unsure of how to find the entrance.
  • As they wander, a shifter urchin snatches Kobin’s purse and begins running away. Kobin runs after and uses a monk-nerve-pinch (hehe) to paralyze the kid, who falls to the ground. Onlookers gawk, noting Kobin’s Church of the Silver Flame garb (known for their persecution of shifters). Kobin sits beside the urchin, gives them some money, and tells them to just ask next time. The child thanks him and runs away, and Kobin rejoins the group.
  • After Kobin gives the urchin money, Static notices a couple gawking shifters whispering among themselves, and then being approached by a warforged.
  • An opportunistic goblin merchant begins talking with Evellis, trying to convince her to buy his wares. She talks with him, buying a necklace, and asks if he knows how to enter the sewers. The merchant agrees to show the band the entrance to the sewers for a price, to which they agree.
  • The goblin shows the party to the entrance and takes them inside, asks if they are absolutely positive they won’t need any supplies, collects his payment, and leaves, happy with being paid to let the adventurers slog around in the muck.
  • The band descends the steps, crosses the sewage onto a platform, and then, emerging from the muck, they are attacked by the two shifters and the warforged Static saw before. Battle commences. The warforged hits Static and asks, “Who’s your band now?” They tell them to join the warforged and abandon the “fleshies.” Eventually, Kobin knocks the warforged into the sewage channel, and the two shifters, without a leader or a chance for payment, run out of the sewers. The warforged never emerges.
  • The band continues on its way through the sewers, following the map Evellis received, until they reach a circular door in the wall that has the same symbol as the one on the journal. Static and Kobin try to pull the door open, but have no luck as they are hit with orbs of acid for their troubles. The players decide to pick it up next time.


Tbel Artificial_Static

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